The invisible high-performance technology – PE is a superior alternative to regular PU(Polyurethane Polyester). PE combines a polyurethane foam core with high-grade timber stringer, which is laminated using fiberglass cloth and a high-quality epoxy resin. Haydenshapes opts to use Epoxy resin, PE construction for three key reasons.

  1. The optically superior brightening ingredient significantly enhances the whiteness of the board.
  2. Our exclusive epoxy is more flexible than polyester and maintains the lively flex pattern typically associated with a new board.
  3. It’s better than PU. It is more technical to manufacture and the result in the performance of this construction speaks volumes.

It is more technical to manufacture and the result in the performance of this construction speaks volumes. In keeping with Hayden’s design philosophy of creating innovative and performance surfboards made from only the highest quality materials, the PE construction is lightweight, delivers cutting-edge flex response and speed, and feels remarkably sensitive under your feet.


Pe Tech


A more premium and quality alternative to the traditional PU (Polyurethane Polyester Laminate), PE (Polyurethane Core – Epoxy Laminate) is a lightweight construction with a flex response that delivers speed and vitality for performance surfing.


PE is built from the traditional Polyurethane foam core with a 3 ply wooden stringer down the center. Haydenshapes uses a range of different densities of foam depending on the desired weight, flex and compressional stability.


The epoxy laminate has been designed from a high quality, UV resistant epoxy resin system with E-Glass surfboard fiberglass. The epoxy resin system creates a highly flexible laminate, that has a natural life span 2-3 times a polyester resin.


Like any surfboard construction, breakage and compressions can take place. If damage occurs, dry out all water from the core before repairing it using Epoxy resin. It is recommended that you do not leave your board in direct sunlight or in a hot confined space. For further information and enquiries, contact the Haydenshapes Customer Service Team.

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