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“When I was around 15 years old I snapped my favourite board. My thought process at the time was that if I couldn’t replace it and buy a new one, I’d make it instead... That year I spent an entire school holidays learning how to shape. The guys at the factory assumed I was on mandatory work experience... In hindsight, I guess I basically was.” – Hayden Cox

In 1996 on Sydney’s northern beaches, at the age of 15 Hayden Cox shaped his first string of surfboards from his parent’s backyard for himself, school friends and a few local surfers. Slapped on the top right of each craft, was an ill-formed HS symbol that was soon defined into a well-rounded Haydenshapes logo, thus a brand was created.

Determined to create a surfboard construction that moved at a more rapid pace, was more lightweight and as well as responsive, came the invention of technology FutureFlex (formally known as FiberFlex). The custom surfboard design, which is shaped out of high density EPS foam with a parabolic carbon fiber frame, creates a high energy, rapid spring back resulting in ultimate speed and drive.

After handing the new concept over to long time friend Tom Carroll to test drive, just hours later Hayden was back in the factory researching a Design Patent. It wasn’t long after that FutureFlex and the unmistakable black carbon rails had reached global market acceptance and was being licensed out to the world’s major surfboard brands. 

With boards now stocked in over 72 countries, Hayden who was recently compared to a  “hip quantum physicist,” by Surfing Magazine (USA), recently opened a second Custom Manufacturing operation and Office in Los Angeles, California – his first, currently located on the Northern Beaches of Sydney, Australia. 

A modern craftsman, Inspired by art, design, aesthetics and technical innovation, Haydenshapes’ detailed construction of each individual craft has garnered a worldwide following from the elite level to the everyday surfer. Recently, Haydenshapes best selling model “Hypto Krypto’ was named ‘Surfboard of the Year 2014’ at the Australian Surf Industry Awards.

With a large focus on innovative performance surfboards, Haydenshapes aims to construct and provide premium performance designs that are fun, easy to surf and  work to improve the ability of the everyday surfer.