The Holy Grail affect quickly made it’s way around the globe from launch and has continued to buzz with momentum. It’s the board with the one of a kind outline and curves that our customers and surf media can’t stop talking about. Here’s a list of 3 recent articles independently discussing our latest model…

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“Damn you, Cox! You’ve done it again!’ sounds their wretched, tortured howl”

…Adding performance edge but maintaining the easy to surf vibes the Hypto has been universally lauded for was the aim of the game, and seems to have worked.

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“Haydenshapes’ Holy Grail Model Is Like Nothing You’ve Seen Before”

…Dion Agius first rode the Holy Grail a few months ago. After a couple minor tweaks in the numbers, he’s convinced it’s one of the best boards he’s ridden — especially in the context of his trying to become a better rail surfer. His most recent edit, New Blood, was filmed exclusively on the Holy Grail within a span of two weeks.

“It’s the type of board that allows for exponential improvement. Then for experienced surfers, it’s basically a high performance stick with small wave capabilities.”

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2. Surfing Life Magazine



This board has so much pop and is really, really fast. It’s ultralight and it just feels so fast. That first wave I was racing along, put it on rail and the board kinda clicked halfway through the turn and I had to actually pull back from my turn to keep riding the wave. And I’ve never felt that surfing before. I really liked it. It felt good.

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