Some waves just look meant for their riders. A screw-footed tube-hunter at Skeleton Bay. An air-guy at a rampy beachbreak. But the new, cyborg-ishly perfect wave pools? Yeah, those look meant for anyone we’d wanna watch. And yet….some surfers clearly standout from the crowd and make a session look insanely appetizing. Like stylish Haydenshapes team rider Oscar Langburne, who recently had a private session at URBNSURF Melbourne on a selection of new boards. Watch now. Be mesmerized…

What’s Oscar riding? He’s mostly riding the new Hypto Krypto Grom (pictured below),  a White Noiz Grom and an Untitled V2 in FutureFlex.





Film and Edit by: Tyge Landa

Words by: Beau Flemister