Jake Kelley and a 5’4″ Hypto Krypto, a Taylor Curran Production

We introduce Jake Kelley with footage from two trips that could not fit anywhere else but with each other. One in the warm bliss of Fiji, the other in the harsh cold of the Pacific NW. He links these two very different places by gliding through their strangely similar hollow left handers on a single board – the Hypto Krypto 5’4″ ……. with the urgency of any swell chasing strike mission, he grabbed an old team trade in and ended up riding it as a twin before he could borrow a set of quad rears.

Enjoy his findings though the lens of Taylor Curran accompanied with a score by Yves Compositions.







Production By: Taylor Curran

Surfer: Jake Kelley

Location: Fiji, NW Pacific

Board: Hypto Krypto 5’4″